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Ancient Timber Slabs by Nullarbor

Ancient by definition, cured with care and marked with personality like no other


Ancient Timber Slabs by Nullarbor

Ancient by definition, cured with care and marked with personality like no other


“Ancient Timber Slabs by Nullarbor is based in the heartland of the best Redgum district in the world. We’re very proud to introduce our River Redgum slabs to the international market. The Australian Red Gum Tree is naturally resistant to termites and was used extensively by Early European Settlers. It is common to find trees well over 100 years old growing along the waterways of Victoria, primarily the Ovens, Goulburn and Murray rivers. Australian Red Gum Hardwood Timber. While it has a widespread distribution along many of the river systems in Australia, it ranges from the eastern states, through eastern South Australia and into south-western Western Australia. It is, however, distinct to the Murray River region in Echuca/Moama - home to our massive log stockpile and processing mill. The timber is extremely durable, no two pieces are identical and River Redgum possesses a magnificent range of variable grain patterns. Once dried correctly, the timber itself is extremely stable and doesn’t move, expand or contract.

A full range of widths and lengths are available for bar, bench, serveries, table tops and particularly boardroom table tops. Ancient Timber Slabs by Nullarbor contain unique natural features, such as bug holes, gum veins and surface cracks which add to each slab’s rustic charm and personality. Many of our slabs feature the rare and highly sought after fiddleback grain and bird’s eye. Rich hues range from amber orange, brown to dark red but the main impact of these one piece slabs is their impressive weight and natural character - straight from the Australian bush or open farming fields where they have rested for over 500 years in some cases, waiting to find their home in a modern space.”

Barry Donchi
Managing Director, ATS by Nullabor

Imagine a material so technologically advanced that it is self generating, infinitely renewable, requires no attention, maintenance or capital investment, comes in thousands of varieties, has almost infinite uses and is produced in the world’s largest factory whose pollution control is so effective that the only by-product is oxygen. No, it’s not something from a science fiction, its wood. Predominately made from a eucalypt, known as River Redgum, the wood is often up to 500 years old, sourced from dead trees that would become firewood, or from reclaimed aged building timbers. An unashamedly evangelical promoter of timber furniture, I revere timber furniture. You will too.
— Nicholas Dattner, Australian Timber Spokesman


Alongside the thriving timber supply operation, Nullarbor Sustainable Timbers, run by Brendan Donchi, this new boutique division continues a family story that began long ago.  Barry Donchi's great, great grandfather, Battista came as a 15 year old to Australia's Chiltern region in 1865 from Teglio, Italy. Broadaxe in hand, he made his way to the impressive Gippsland forests to cleave giant Ironbark, Mahogany and Stringy Bark trees. The tradition followed through generations as Barry, in his infant years, trailed behind his father, Geoffrey, throughout the forests of Gippsland to learn about the species and history of this rich natural resource.  

Inheriting his father’s disdain for waste, Barry developed into his desire of putting an end to the deforestation and finding ways to reclaim already milled timbers from structures all over the country. Barry and his daughter, Jacqueline have collaborated on this project to bring you online sales for Ancient Timber Slabs by Nullarbor.

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